Cat Goes Missing for 7 Years, Turns Out to Be Living at a Factory 900 Feet Away

Cat Goes Missing for 7 Years, Turns Out to Be Living at a Factory 900 Feet Away: Seven years ago, a woman lost her cat, and she just had the most amazing knock on her front door.

The startling news that Stephanie Barstow, a 35-year-old executive assistant from Corby, England, received was that her missing cat had been located.

Barstow told SWNS about her experience and how, after living with her for two years, one of her two cats, Duke, vanished in January 2017.

The mother of two now claims that before giving up, she and other community members looked for the cat for almost eight months.


Cat Goes Missing for 7 Years, Turns Out to Be Living at a Factory 900 Feet Away


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  • She remarked, “I’m not entirely sure why Duke didn’t come home.”


  • Barstow claimed to have owned two cats at the time: Duke and his brother Nero, with whom Duke allegedly got into a small altercation the evening before Duke vanished.


  • She told SWNS, “I know cats don’t really like change, but we had just had the baby, so there was a lot of change going on.”


  • Almost seven years after Duke vanished, Barstow got some surprising news last month.


  • Barstow received a call from a veterinarian informing her that Duke had been discovered 900 feet away, at a local factory.


  • She told SWNS, the British news agency, “The veterinarian had remembered that I was looking for Duke because of his unique facial markings and white paws.”


  • The veterinarian continued by saying that Duke had been adopted by workers at the factory and had lived there for the previous year, though it was unclear where he had been before then.


  • She added, “They had even built him a feeding station and a little shed to sleep in.”


  • Duke, however, ended up at the veterinarian since the factory was recently judged dangerous for him, according to SWNS.


  • Barstow stated, “I was really concerned that if he went back to the factory, where it was no longer safe for him,”



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  • Barstow made the decision to give Duke to a new family because of this anxiety as well as the additional members that have joined the family since Duke left seven years ago.


  • She cited her overwhelming sense of remorse for what had occurred to Duke as one of the reasons she was unwilling to welcome him back into her family.


  • Instead, the cat found a new home with calm and open space that Barstow described as a “perfect” fit for him.


  • She is now sharing her experience to inspire hope in other pet owners facing the same circumstances.


  • “My goal in sharing my experience was to inspire hope to fellow animal lovers and those facing similar challenges, reminding them that anything can happen at any time.”



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