Healthy Air Fryer Potato Chip Chicken Recipe

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Tender chicken pieces are covered in a crispy potato chip mixture and air-fried till perfectly crunchy to create Air Fryer Potato Chip Chicken.


– 8small chicken tender – 1eggbeaten – Cooking oil spray Seasoning: – 1/4teaspoononion powder – 1/2teaspoonpaprika – 1/4teaspoongarlic powder – 1teaspoonRanch – 1/4teaspoondried parsley – 1/4teaspooncayenne pepper – 1small bagof potato chipsyour favorite chip – Saltto taste


First, mix the spice ingredients in a big Ziploc bag, zip it, and roll the chips into fine crumbs. Mix the chips and seasonings by shaking the bag. Heat the air fryer to 400°F.

Step 1

Add beaten egg and chip mixture to shallow dishes.Dip the chicken tenders into the egg with a fork. Roll the meat in the chip mix till covered.

Step 2

Spray oil on the air fryer basket. Install the coated chicken in the air fryer basket in an equal layer without tenders touching.

Step 3

Carefully flip halfway during cooking for 8–10 minutes. Cook longer if needed. Serve with honey mustard, BBQ, spicy, or ranch dressing.

Step 4

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