Eggnog Pudding Shots Easiest Recipe Ever

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Try Eggnog Pudding Shots at holiday parties instead of your usual drinks! Great flavour, easy to make, and serves many.  


– 3.4 ounce package instant vanilla pudding mix – 1 ½ cups eggnog – ¼ cup bourbon – ¼ cup fireball cinnamon whiskey – ¼ teaspoon ground cinnamon plus more for garnish – ¼ teaspoon ground nutmeg plus more for garnish – 16 ounces 2 16 ounce containers whipped topping, thawed, divided


All of the ingredients, including the custard mix, eggnog, whisky, cinnamon and nutmeg, should be mixed together in a large bowl and vigorously stirred.  

Step 1

Allow this mixture to be stirred for a period of two minutes, or until it begins to thicken, whichever occurs first. 

Step 2

It is recommended that one of the containers of whipped topping that is 8 ounces in size be added and folded in. for a period of five minutes while it is stored in the refrigerator. 

Step 3

27 plastic cups that are capable of holding 2 ounces or something comparable should be arranged on a sheet tray. 

Step 4

The custard mixture should be added to each cup in the amount of three teaspoons before serving. Before serving, there should be a minimum of one hour that has passed,  

Step 5

during which time the containers should be covered with the tops or with plastic wrap before serving.  

Step 6

Please pipe the remaining whipped topping onto each shot. If using cinnamon and nutmeg, sprinkle a little on top. Keep food chilled and serve quickly.  

Step 7


-Calories: 62kcal -Carbohydrates: 9g -Protein: 1g -Fat: 1g -Saturated Fat: 1g -Polyunsaturated Fat: 0.1g -Monounsaturated Fat: 0.4g -Cholesterol: 11mg -Sodium: 42mg -Potassium: 42mg -Fiber: 0.1g -Sugar: 7g -Vitamin A: 59IU -Vitamin C: 0.2mg -Calcium: 37mg -Iron: 0.04mg

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