Why are iced lattes so expensive compared to hot coffees? 

Iced lattes are often more expensive than hot coffees due to additional costs associated with the preparation process. 

Firstly, iced lattes require more coffee to maintain flavor when diluted with ice. 

Secondly, the use of ice increases the overall volume, leading to higher serving costs.  

Additionally, establishments may invest in specialized equipment like ice makers and larger cups for iced beverages.  

The demand for a refreshing, cold drink also allows cafes to set a premium price.  

Lastly, marketing and consumer perception play a role, as iced lattes are often seen as a trendy and premium choice, influencing pricing strategies. 

Specialized equipment for cold beverages also adds to the investment for businesses 

Lastly, perceived value plays a role, as the market often associates iced lattes with a premium or trendy experience. 

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