Top 10 Spring/Summer 2024 Fashion Week Trends

1. Boldly Brief Short

As the year ends, fashion anticipates a new start. We've watched runways and checked out street style from New York to Paris. Relax if you need wardrobe update ideas or just want to browse online. 

2. Vest Chronicle

Since suits and tailoring are in, the transitional season encourages experimentation. Classic vest-top elegance. A vest or waistcoat modernises suits. Elegant buttons and a tailored silhouette make this throwback piece effortlessly transform your look. 

3. White Monochrome Majesty

Classic all-white outfits with white bags are chic this season. Wear all white to stand out. Brighten everything, including accessories. Use oversized coats and cargo pants to experiment with texture and silhouette in this bold trend.

4. Noir Allure

Classic and versatile, the Black Maxi Leather Coat is inspired by Neo, Trinity, and Christy Turlington. Black leather coats are runway and Pinterest favourites all season. It matches a little black dress, jeans, a mini skirt with boots or your favourite yoga pants. 

5. Silver Lining

Without daring, fashion week is incomplete. A bold trend: Silver Trousers. Silver trousers are trendy. Plain white shirts and tanks will work for your bottom. Metallic flares, straight-leg, and baggy pant silhouettes continue the Y2K look for different body types.

6. Ruched in Red

Classic and flattering In fashion's cycle, ruched red dresses replace tight ones.  A ruched red dress is essential. Sensual, classic style suits many occasions. This dress is stunning with strappy heels on a girl's night or tights and a coat for work.

7. Lace Elegance

Summer may be over, but the Lace Maxi Dress adds sexiness without being hot. The lace maxi dress with knickers or slip is versatile. It looks great at a restaurant, semi-formal event, or daily errands in any weather.

8. ’90s Nostalgia

Spring/Summer 2024 honours Rewind to 1990s. Enjoy '90s comfort and practicality with double denim and relaxed-fit sweatsuits. Retro pieces need modern styling to stay current. Pair stilettos or cowboy boots with vintage midi shorts, a slinky rosette top with cargo pants or chunky jewellery for a modern look.

9. Camel Midi Coat

The Camel Midi Coat is your new wardrobe staple. These classic outerwear pieces add quiet luxury to your look. Camel midi coats show off pins or pair with slouchy trousers and maxi skirts. Combine it with tan and beige for a classic look or grey or charcoal. 

10. Pastel Harmony

Enjoy pastel colours with Pastel Co-Ords' elegance. Soft, buttery pastels are timeless and perfect. Contrary to popular belief, these light colours suit all skin tones. Purple and baby blue flatter all skin tones, while yellow suits deeper skin tones. 

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