Regeneron CEO says the next big thing for biotech isn’t AI, it’s gene therapy 

Regeneron's CEO asserts that the future of biotech lies not in AI, but in gene therapy.

Emphasizing a shift in focus, he suggests that advancements in manipulating genetic material hold greater promise for the industry.  

This perspective challenges the prevailing belief in AI as the primary driver of innovation in biotechnology 

According to Regeneron, gene therapy's potential to target and treat diseases at the genetic level surpasses the impact of artificial intelligence in this field. 

The statement reflects a growing recognition of gene therapy's transformative capabilities and its role in shaping the next frontier of biotechnological breakthroughs.  

As the industry evolves, attention appears to be shifting towards harnessing the power of genetic manipulation for therapeutic purposes. 

As biotech charts new frontiers, gene therapy is poised to revolutionize healthcare and treatment modalities.  

The assertion challenges conventional beliefs about the dominant role of AI in shaping the future of biotechnology.

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