LSU's Olivia Dunne claims she's just an 'ordinary girl' after question about fame 

In response to questions about her rising fame, LSU's Olivia Dunne humbly asserts she's just an 'ordinary girl. 

Brushing off the spotlight, she remains grounded amid growing attention. 

Dunne, a standout in gymnastics, downplays her celebrity status, emphasizing her relatability.  

Despite achieving remarkable success, she remains unswayed by the allure of fame 

Her commitment to humility echoes a refreshing perspective in the world of sports. 

Dunne's down-to-earth demeanor resonates, portraying her as an athlete uninterested in the trappings of stardom.  

With grace and modesty, she navigates the balance between excellence and maintaining an 'ordinary' identity. 

In a world of glamour, she remains a refreshing symbol of normalcy, maintaining a modest perspective on her extraordinary journey. 

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