IRS announces when it will begin accepting and processing 2023 tax returns 

The IRS has officially declared that it will commence accepting and processing 2023 tax returns starting on January 28, 2024 

Taxpayers are encouraged to submit their returns electronically for faster processing and quicker refunds.  

The agency emphasizes the benefits of e-filing, including increased accuracy and a more secure transmission of sensitive information.  

Additionally, those claiming certain tax credits may experience a delay in refunds, as the IRS plans to implement enhanced identity verification measures. 

Taxpayers are advised to stay informed about any updates or changes to the tax filing process and deadlines.  

The IRS urges everyone to use its online resources and tools for a smoother tax-filing experience in the upcoming season. 

Extensions are available upon request, but any taxes owed should be paid by the original deadline to avoid penalties and interest. 

Stay informed by visiting the IRS website for the latest updates and resources. 

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