Healthy Italian Wedding Soup Recipe

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Italian Wedding Soup has handmade meatballs, spaghetti, veggies, and a creamy broth in one pot. This quick soup is perfect for any occasion and ready in under an hour!


For the Meatballs: – 8 ounces lean ground beef (227g) – 8 ounces ground pork (227g) – ½ cup fresh breadcrumbs (30g) – ½ cup grated Parmesan (40g) – ¼ cup chopped parsley – 4 garlic cloves minced – 1 large egg – 1 teaspoon salt – ¼ teaspoon ground black pepper – 1 tablespoon olive oil


For the Soup: – 1 tablespoon olive oil – 2 carrots chopped (190g) – 1 yellow onion chopped (323g) – 1 stalk celery chopped (88g) – 8 cups chicken broth (1920 mL) – 1 teaspoon salt – ½ teaspoon ground black pepper – ¾ cup small pasta (orzo, acini de pepe) (132g) – 6 ounces fresh spinach leaves chopped (170g) – Grated Parmesan for serving


For the Meatballs:- Mix beef, pork, bread crumbs, Parmesan, parsley, garlic, egg, salt, and pepper in a large bowl. Blend lightly with your hands. Arrange 42 (1-inch) batter balls on a baking sheet.

Step 1

Medium-high heat oil in a large pot. For 3 minutes, brown half the meatballs on all sides, flipping occasionally. Meatballs on a paper towel-lined tray. Use leftover meatballs.

Step 2

For the Soup:- Add olive oil, carrots, onion, celery, and garlic to the same saucepan over medium-high heat. Stir regularly until vegetables are soft, about 6 minutes.

Step 3

Add the broth, salt, and pepper and bring to a boil. Stir in the pasta and meatballs.

Step 4

Turn heat down to medium-low. Cover and boil 8 minutes, stirring occasionally, until pasta is cooked.

Step 5

Stir in the spinach and simmer for 30 seconds to wilt. Sprinkle Parmesan on top. The soup can be refrigerated for a week and frozen for six months.

Step 6

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