Haute Couture Fashion Week Aw23’s Top 10 Trend

Tiny Bags: A Big Trend Making a Comeback

Fashion trends return in fascinating ways. Tiny bags are back. Once fringe, these tiny accessories are trendy. Despite their limited functionality, their charm makes them a must-try trend. Handbags and bodywear with delicate straps are in this season. 

Ballet Flats: A Versatile and Stylish Comeback

Bring back the ballet flat with a modern twist. This classic shoe is returning and updated. It goes with everything from trousers to midi skirts. Pointed toe shoes with trousers create the illusion of elongated legs and add sophistication.

Barbiecore: Embracing the Pink Revolution

Barbie has had a huge impact on fashion, and Barbiecore is the perfect tribute. This pink trend encourages fashionistas to experiment with fuchsia and bubblegum. Barbiecore requires starting with your favourite pink and building your outfit. 

Train: Adding Drama to Your Style

For dramatic everyday outfits, the train trend is a show-stopper. This extravagant style draws attention with flowing fabric that cascades down your back and gracefully touches floor. This look is perfect for a night out or a special event, but not for the office. 

Silk Dresses: Timeless Elegance in Every Silhouette

Silk dresses' timeless appeal justifies their revival. This trend began with the '90s slip dress, but this season has a variety of silhouettes and lengths. Consider a one-shoulder dress with an asymmetrical hem for semi-formal or cocktail events. 

Madonna-Inspired Corset: A ’90s Icon Makes a Comeback

The Madonna-inspired corset recalls '90s fashion. Recent collections by Jean Paul Gaultier and Schiaparelli revived this trend after Madonna's Blonde Ambition tour. Use a bold corset with black capri pants or a mini skirt for runway style. 

Mary Janes: Timeless Footwear with Endless Style

Mary Janes are a century-old style. From Clueless to Sex and the City, Mary Janes are classic. Mary Janes in black, white, cream, brown, or blue can be worn low, chunky, flat, or sky-high. Mary Janes enhance skirts and dresses that show off your lower legs. 

’80s Mania: A Modern Take on a Decade-Defining Style

The '80s are returning with oversized shoulder pads, white pumps, and taffeta dresses, while Y2K shapes fashion. This modern take on '80s fashion promises a major style revival. Pay attention to proportions to rock this trend. 

Statement Pants: Let Your Legs Do the Talking

Statement trousers make a bold style statement. Parisians wear statement trousers in many styles with unique looks. Cargo pants with lots of pockets are structured-yet-casual, while formal trousers with fringe, shredded fabric or fluid movement are ideal. 

Feather Accents: Embrace Drama and Elegance

To add drama or goddess-likeness, use feather accents. Feathers add elegance to any outfit, whether you're channelling Harry Styles or a movie star. Many vegan alternatives to bird feathers exist. Ostrich feather boas and feather-trimmed stilettos instantly upgrade your outfit. 

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