A 4-ingredient smoothie recipe that a gastroenterologist and his family drink for breakfast every day 

In the bustling mornings of a gastroenterologist's household, a wholesome 4-ingredient smoothie takes center stage. 

A ripe banana forms the base, providing a natural sweetness and a dose of potassium for digestive health 

A handful of antioxidant-rich blueberries joins the mix, promoting gut well-being.  

To enhance probiotics, a generous dollop of Greek yogurt is blended in, fostering a balanced microbiome.  

Finally, a splash of almond milk completes the concoction, offering a lactose-free alternative and a source of vitamin E. 

This daily ritual ensures a nutrient-packed breakfast that caters to both taste buds and digestive systems, setting a nourishing tone for the day ahead.

Blended to perfection, this wholesome concoction graces the family table each morning—a testament to both taste and digestive well-being.  

Dr. Garcia, advocating simplicity and nutrition, starts his day with this flavorful elixir, a blend that harmonizes health and pleasure in just four essential ingredients. 

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