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8 Communication Skills That All Happily Married Couples Know

They Do Daily Appreciation

A simple note, text message, or compliment can go a long way in a relationship, Robinson says. Just letting your spouse know that he or she is appreciated and that their efforts aren’t going unnoticed can help them to feel validated and understood

They Listen Actively

There is a difference between "hearing" and "listening," as your elementary school teacher probably told you. Also, this is a big part of a happy marriage. To fully understand what your partner is saying,

They’re Conscious About Criticism

If you publicly insult your partner, fights will happen no matter how well or badly things are going in your marriage. Robinson says that you should write down some things about your partner that bother you and then show them to your partner.

They Practice Positivity

According to research, partners who behave in a way that is 5 times more positive than negative are more likely to be healthy and happy. Robinson does agree that that has been proven to be true.

They Embrace the Power of the Time Out

A fight in the marriage can quickly turn into a five-alarm fire with just one wrong word. Robinson says that to avoid that, an argument should be stopped before it gets out of hand.

They Make Contact

Don't forget how powerful simple movements can be. When you hug or hold hands, you can say a lot without saying a word. "These are all very important because we don't touch each other enough in this culture," says Robinson. "Every day, I have couples do that." And you shouldn't forget about it.

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