7 Reasons to Start Your Day with Lemon 

Lemons are rich in vitamin C, which reduces wrinkles and protects skin from free radicals. Hydration is important because water transports nutrients to cells!

1. Rejuvenates your Skin 

Lemons' potassium boosts brain and nerve function, increasing alertness. According to Natural Health Magazine, a whiff of lemon boosts feel-good hormones and reduces stress

2. Boosts Energy and Alertness 

Dehydration retains fat and makes you hungry. Hydrating is essential for body health, so starting the day with water is a must. Plus, lemon adds flavor.

3. Hydrates your Body 

Vitamin C from lemons heals wounds. Lemon water helps sore throats and break up cold phlegm. Your body's defenses are working overtime to fight illness, so drink water.

4. Helps your Immune System 

Dr. Alexander F. Beddoe says fresh lemon juice boosts liver enzyme production more than any other food. This increases liver bile secretion for digestion and toxin release. 

5. Eliminates Toxins 

Pectin fiber in lemons regulates metabolism. Fiber fullness reduces hunger and cravings. Hydration also fills you up. Starting with lemon and water can help you eat healthier all day.

6. Could Aid in Weight Loss 

Lemon acid stimulates digestion and liver. This can regulate metabolism and bowel movements, aiding nutrient absorption and weight loss.

7. Improves Digestion 

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